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Mini Storage Units
Mini Storage Pricing
All prices listed at per month rate.

4ft x 6ft                 $40.00

4ft x 10 ft               $45.00

5ft x 10ft                $50.00

   10ft x 8ft                 $65.00   
10ft x 10ft        Starting at just        $70.00

10ft x 12ft                                     $75.00

10ft x 15ft                                     $80.00

10ft x 20ft        Starting at just        $90.00

10ft x 25ft                                     $105.00

  10ft x 40ft                                    $170.00

A one time set up fee of $13.00 applies to all new accounts.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a storage unit is to be sure to define exactly what items you need to store. If you have a firm idea of what items you need to place into storage, our staff can assist you in choosing the unit that will maximize the space available to you for your individual budget.

 In order to provide for a vast array of needs and budgets, Ryder's offers self mini storage units from the closet sized 4ft x 6ft unit, starting at $40.00 per month, to our largest available unit, a 10ft x 40ft dual door storage unit.  

Our most popular unit is the economical $50.00 per month, 5ft x 10ft unit, pictured below.  With a full roll up individually alarmed door, concrete floor, and brick exterior walls, this storage unit provides a easy to use, affordable option for storing your belongings

All of our storage units that are 5 x 10 and above, have 10ft high ceilings. This extra space allows for 3 seat couches, and love seats to be stored vertically. This storage unit is commonly used for those looking to store a studio apartment's furnishings.

The next step in mini storage is our moderately priced 10ft x 10ft storage unit. Starting at a mere $70.00 per month, this storage unit, available with a standard entry door, or with a full roll up door, gives you value and size for your storage dollar.

Pictured above is our 10 x 10 from the entry door.  Equally protected by a individual door alarm, this unit again, has full concrete floors, 10ft high ceilings, and can normally hold between 1-2 bedrooms of furnishings.
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